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Adobe® Acrobat® Products

Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller creates files in the Portable Document Format which can be read by Acrobat® Reader programs available for many different platforms, including Apple® Macintosh® and MS-DOS® (Windows(TM)). However, be advised that the files are over 2 Meg and may take an extremely long time to download, depending on the speed of your communications software and hardware. You may download the reader file for your platform from our servers; Adobe is often a busy site. Also, please be sure to download the associated license agreement file(s).

These are FTP transfers. There are more files associated with Acrobat for each platform at our FTP site Please, consider looking at all that apply to your platform.

If your browser or other software cannot support File Transfer Protocol (FTP), please download from Adobe®.

Acrobat® Reader for Macintosh.
license agreement.
Acrobat® Reader for AIX.
license agreement.
Acrobat® Reader for DOS.
license agreement.
Acrobat® Reader for SGI.
license agreement.
Acrobat® Reader for Windows.
license agreement.

If you need further information on Adobe Acrobat, or support for a different platform, please, contact Adobe®.

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